Catching the perfect tea starts with choosing the perfect tea…
After selecting the most suitable specialty teas of Beta Tea according to your taste, follow the brewing instructions for specified each product, and your delicious tea is ready to drink!
Even dimensions of each tea brewing characteristics may be different, there are several validates methods and suggestions for all the tea.

1.Choose the best water

Absolutely use fresh water for each tea is brewed. Since oxygen level is reduced in boiling water, use the same water to boil only once. We do not definitely recommend that you use tap water. The tap water, in which chlorine, fluorine and the various chemical are added, changes the real taste and flavor of your tea. All drinking water is not the same. Since degrees of hardness may vary due to mineral structure, we recommend changing the water a few times by trial and error method; find the most suitable one for your taste

2.Choose the best tea

Unfortunately, choosing the best tea may not always be easy. Most of intensity tea sold in markets is made from tea leaves with low quality. Even the prices of them look affordable; they may be far from the actual experience of tea. To prefer a brand which is experts in its business and knows very well tea processing upbringing and works with the best worldwide tea producers is very important to find the right tea. To make a choice is very easy with Beta Tea which brings together the high-quality tea from the world's best teas growers and tea lovers.

3.How much tea should I use?

Although recommended amount of tea for each Beta Tea vary, 1-2 teaspoons of tea is usually ideal to use for each cup of tea. We use any brewing method, we must sure that there is enough water for the tea leaves go around into the hot water.

4.Water Temperature

Such as the amount of tea, water temperature varies according to preferred Beta Tea. But always, after boiling the water wait a little before brewing the tea.

5.Service Style

In what way you or your guests prefer to drink tea, that is entirely a matter of choice. With the porcelain cup or slender glasses or your favorite mug? Similarly you might want to serve with tea sweet or salty treats, it may vary depending on personal taste preferences. We suggest you try a few delicious tea-time recipe suggest.

Enjoy your tea.


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